The Picture That's Worth 1000 Words!

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Christina Deshomme is a branding photographer who owns an event space and photography studio. Currently, she is in the process of starting a non-profit organization that offers arts and enrichment classes to foster youth.

Deshomme's traumatic upbringing has fueled her ambitions and inspired her to become the best mom she could be. "Every day that I wake up, all I can think about sometimes is how I want my son to have an amazing life. I never want him to go through what I have been through. I love him every chance I get, and I work hard for the both of us," Christina explains.

Julian Studios HTX is a multi-use studio and event space located in the Midtown Montrose Area. Their space is an exceptional space to have a photo shoot and the perfect space for any event. They are collaborating and sponsoring events for small business owners and entrepreneurs. "I am also a photographer who helps brand and grow businesses and my services are available in or outside the studio," Christina elaborates. Not only are they a production studio and event space, but Julian studios now have a non-profit sector of their business that will be launching soon. This sector will include an arts and enrichment after-school program for foster youth. All the proceeds from this for-profit sector will be going into this program. "As Former foster youth myself this cause is dear to my heart!" she stated. The goal of this initiative is to be a resource for small upcoming businesses, as well as a resource for foster youth who need mentorship and a safe place to express themselves.

Christina is making an impact on those she works with by operating with integrity and always putting her clients first! "It is so important to move with love and a sense of community. I am a resource to my clients, and I always want them to feel loved and taken care of. I aim to make my clients feel confident and comfortable," she expressed. Deshomme is an artist first, she loves all things creative. Outside of this, she enjoys seeing people genuinely happy.

Life has not always been picture-perfect for Christina. When she first started her business, she was dealing with an abusive spouse. The physical abuse became so unbearable for Christina that she had to leave. "I left with nothing but my laptop and camera and had to figure it out with just my son and me. I have managed to keep pushing but there are days when I struggle. My childhood was also traumatic and caused me to be hyper-independent, I have had to learn that as a single mom and business owner I must ask for help."

Like many of us, mompreneurs know, the community is so important when it comes to running a business and being a mom. Christina understands this very well. Learning to ask for help and changing the goals she started with has been a struggle for her. What seemed like a burden has now become Christina's strong suit. "I’ve simply learned to shoot my shot and ask for help. Even when it is hard, I must ask. Another huge thing for me is self-care. I spend my mornings loving on myself before I do anything else. Therapy has also been extremely important," she stated. Although her childhood and life started as challenging, Christina's spark makes every picture she takes worth a thousand words.

 Here at Jay's Intuitive Life Coaching and Inspired Healing, LLC we have a saying that we like to use. "Healing is not a journey, it's a destination." We asked Christina Deshomme if she could give moms who aspire to start the businesses and continue their healing journey any advice, what would it be? She offered this, "Continue to love on you and put yourself first. You cannot pour from an empty cup."

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