The light at the of the tunnel!

Sarah is the owner and operator of Universal Arts Expressions, operating for two years, and Body and Mind Through Universal Arts Expressions, Sarah s able to create art in a flow state intuitively, commission pieces, and transform the acrylic paintings into wearable merchandise. Some of her art includes leggings, tanks, shirts, hoodies, dresses, skirts, and shoes. 

Apart from making clothing items, she paints spirit baby energy portraits, a private service she offers to support the mother of lost pregnancies. "After experiencing my pregnancy loss and deeply connecting with the spirit realm, and thanks to my spirit child connecting with me on deeper levels, the art created helps realize the soul of their spirit babies," Sarah explains.

The Body and Mind is focused on spiritual mentorship, energy healing "Sarahmony" community circles, and emotional, physical, spiritual, mental, and energetic well-being. Sarah has been working as a Healing Arts Enchantress Practitioner for over a year now. 

Both businesses were created as other traditional jobs were moved out of the way. Thus, enabling Sarah to leap the passions of her heart, inspired by the journey of healing her trauma from emotional, physical, and sexual abuse experienced during various times and in various relationships of her life. 

When Sarah decided to leave an abusive relationship, she entered a maze of resources society had available for mental health. " I found the process to be very difficult and drawn out to navigate while also balancing parenting and providing," Sarah elaborated. She became inspired to create a safe sanctuary for her boys, and anyone who crossed her path. She wanted to create an alternative resource that recognized the complete life force on every level of the individual where they felt accepted, supported, and safe. 

As her traditionalist jobs kept her from being interrupted by COVID and other circumstances, her determination and awareness became focused on the reality that there are no such things as job security. " The only certainty is uncertainty, and what I can create for myself. I will never give up on myself, so creating my work from what I am enthusiastic about was impossible to ignore," she states.

Sarah collaborates with mothers, single parents, and anyone awakening to their passion, and spiritual existence. "My ideal client usually has some experience with traditional therapy/counseling and have realized they are at a point where they haven't achieved the outcomes they were hoping for," she explains. 

Sarah has a gift for reiki healing and has a direct connection as an open channel to the divine. "I assist others with realizing their divinity, and the connection they have to source. I empower them to unlock activations of their passion, and purpose, and see themselves as empowered being who can heal themselves," Sarah explained. Whether Sarah is creating art for someone, or they choose art she has already created, her clients receive potent energy that helps them feel better. When she works with a group or one on one in healing, the influence is helping them unlock significant gifts their soul wished them to bring forth in tangible ways to their reality. Through her businesses, Sarah provides easy spiritual practices (spiritual prescriptions) they can integrate into their day to accelerate their healing, self-love, and expressions to the world. 


Sarah has faced many challenges along her path of healing and motherhood. The biggest challenge for her s living in a world where society is not set up to support single parents and allow them to follow their dreams, believe in themselves, feel safe enough to ask for help, or build a community outside of the time=money paradigm. "We are conditioned to get a job, be in a partnership, and leave our children in daycare, while we accept being paid per hour. I also was labeled as a victim, and I realized at once if I accepted this label, I was agreeing to limit my potential, my healing, and my children. I consistently refuse to accept how the world seems and lean into my creative resourcefulness. I refuse to accept I have to choose between time with my children, and myself and working on my dreams. If I can conceive it, I can achieve it no matter what society or anyone else thinks or says to me. I know because I am doing it every day," Sarah explains.

Between juggling time with limited hours during the day to take care of herself, work, manage a household, parent, take care of pets, and be a source of support to others, Sarah has found it to be a delicate dance of balance. It has been a challenge for her to learn how to ask for help, accept help without guilt, and learn how to take time and space away from her children without worrying. Sarah also struggled with identifying her accomplishments in a world where people celebrate their degrees, job titles, monetary income, and seniority. 

"I continually choose to focus on the fact that I exist. I am doing this without mentioning these other areas because they are relevant. Who I am as a human being, the intentions of my heart and the energy I bring to this planet is the true abundance," Sarah exclaims? Through this, she has been able to accomplish so much n life. 

Sarah has been able to overcome these obstacles by taking one meaningful baby step at a time. "I learn on my feet. ask for help, affirm, pray, exercise, meditate, and seek out alternative resources outside of the perceived box of society. I listen to my intuition and allow myself to rest when knowing my energetic reserve s been depleted from giving too much. I take breaks and work when I can. I allow flexibility of every day instead of being rigid," she explains. Sarah reminds herself that she is always learning and, in a position, to always improve. She remembers that she does not have to work longer, harder, or faster to get ahead as this creates the opposite of what she wants.

"Being a committed mother to my children and allowing myself to see I am succeeding as a single parent has been a major accomplishment. I always choose us, no matter what. Trusting myself, manifesting a safe home we are proud to live in, and am doing it again as we are about to relocate," Sarah elaborates. She has been able to build a growing community from her home where people come to connect, meditate, sing, and open their hearts to healing. She has transformed her art into wearable products, scaled her business, heal from CPTSD, addiction, eating disorders, and pregnancy loss, and reprogrammed her mind and body to be healthier and more secure than she has ever been. 

Here at Jay's Intuitive Life Coaching and Inspired Healing, LLC we have a saying that we like to use, "Healing is a journey, not a destination." We asked Sarah if she could give moms who aspire to start their businesses and continue their healing journey any advice, what would it be? She offered this, "Stay the course. One baby step at a time. Remember you created life, and you CAN and will create the life you want for yourself and your children (and all the children of Earth i.e., Human beings) … Do what lights the fire of passion in you and it does not feel like work, this is not what we are taught to do. To uncover your passion, notice when your eyes light up when your heart beats full, and fierce when you stop noticing how much time has passed… This is your passion. When you see this in your children ENCOURAGE IT! There will ALWAYS be a success when you follow your heart/ passion. Do less not more. As a mother, it is so natural to get lost in overwhelm, and when this happens you KNOW you have overextended your energy, sometimes we glorify this, when we need to be redirecting this to an act of self-loathing, it is not loving to push yourself to the point where you have nothing left to give. Allow yourself to rest, you do not need a reason. Just give it to yourself. Self-love is NUMBER ONE! Your children are watching you; they know if you are putting yourself after them it is NOT loving yourself. Teach them how to love themselves by living by example. Say kind things to yourself, be the mother or father you never had. Be your best romantic, be your own best friend. Laugh and play every day. This is how you manifest a successful existence. The rest naturally falls into place."

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