Branding with Brie, The Gift That Keeps on Giving!

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Brieanna Lightfoot Smith is the owner and operator of Brands by Brie, a digital marketing and creative agency. They first opened their virtual doors in 2014. Back then, they focused on serving small businesses and nonprofit organizations that wanted to enhance their online presence.

Now Brands by Brie helps moms get clarity around their business or business idea so they can generate income while staying home with their babies. Brieanna discovered through working one-on-one with clients, that when mamas have clarity, they feel more confident in marketing their own business consistently.

"Our clients fall into two camps, moms who are working full-time and building their business on the side and moms who are already at home with their children but aren’t generating consistent income yet," Brieanna explains. When they know who they serve and why they move differently!

Brieanna grew frustrated with seeing people with amazing businesses not getting the recognition or sales they could potentially get if they improved their online presence. "I stayed in the industry and pivoted in fall 2021 after the pandemic when I saw the trend of other mamas leaving the workforce due to burnout or a simple desire to spend more time with children," she elaborates.

Lightfoot Smith's childhood has positively contributed to her decisions. "My parents made me feel like I could do anything, and they expanded my sister’s and my horizons to new opportunities. My mom specifically was great about keeping us involved in extracurricular activities like Girl Scouts and an organization called Xinos which kept us active in our community," she expresses. Staying connected to the community has fueled Brieanna's passion to help others just like her.

Like many moms transitioning into entrepreneurship, Brieanna has had challenges of her own. She struggled with practicing what she preached, not giving into anxious thoughts consistently, charging for her services, and not feeling guilty. "My biggest challenge happened in 2018 when I spent so much time trying to track down new clients, I was neglecting my family. I ended up choosing to temporarily close my business so I could get my priorities in check. When I opened it back up last year, I was able to manage my workload well because during my time away I had worked on improving workflows and processes," she exclaims.

Despite the hardships, Lightfoot Smith was able to overcome these challenges. She learned how to ask for more help, prioritize rest, learn to say no, and let go of the fear of missing out. By doing so, Lightfoot Smith has been able to learn how to prioritize peace, generate the amount of income she made in a year, in 4 months, monetize the gifts, and raise respectful sons who are learning what it means to have a relationship with God.

Here at Jay's Intuitive Life Coaching and Inspired Healing, LLC we have a saying that we like to use. "Healing is a journey, not a destination." We asked Brieanna Lightfoot Smith if she could give moms who aspire to start businesses and continue their healing journey any advice, what would it be? She offered this, "Show yourself grace, don’t compare your journey to anyone else’s, understand that there are no losses in life, only lessons."

Mamas looking to build their brand while raising their babies can visit Brieanna Lightfoot Smith's website and connect with her on Instagram and TikTok @blightfootsmith.