Fayetteville, North Carolina Trauma Expert of the Year


Jasmyn Camp is the founder and owner of Jay’s Intuitive Life Coaching and Inspired Healing, LLC. When she launched her business, she did so with the intention of helping others heal from their childhood trauma and implement self-care and positive life changes.

Jasmyn is considered the Fayetteville, North Carolina trauma expert. Her first encounter with childhood trauma was at the age of five. From there, she spent over twenty years hurting and internalizing her pain. 

Her deteriorating mental health led her to enroll in therapy for the next few years. Unfortunately, therapy left her with more questions than answers.

Through her research and implementation, Jasmyn studied until she found what works for everyday parents like herself who's struggling with healing trauma, practicing self-care and living the like they truly desire.

With these solutions in hand, Jasmyn Camp has launched an eight-week program called “From Trauma to Triumph” as well as other courses and products that assists parents with implementing new positive habits and engaging in more effective behaviors for healing.

The From Trauma to Triumph program helps parents heal from childhood trauma. It helps them heal their inner child so that they can offer their children a better childhood that is trauma-free. The Trauma to Triumph program helps to stop the cycle of trauma being passed down from generation to generation.

Many of Jasmyn’s clients enter this program believing that they are broken beyond repair. They are exhausted from pretending to be okay versus being okay. Because of this, Jasmyn and her team offer a free coaching call before working.

This call allows them to put together small steps towards the goal the client needs to hit.

Her background, expertise, and passion more than equip her to do this work and help others heal.

"Why survive when you can thrive"

Healing is a journey, not a destination.